Misplace Your Keys Often? What You Can Do

2 September 2018
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If you're someone that misplaces your key often, you aren't alone. A lot of people lose their keys, and it's usually in their own homes. Misplacing keys to your home, to your car or to a safe can all make you feel very anxious. Read on for tips to help you if you're someone that misplaces their keys often.

Use A Specific Place For Your Keys

Each time you come into your home use a specific place to set your keys. Be it a large bowl, or a key holder hanging on the wall, use this space as a designated place for your keys. Don't keep them in your pockets, or toss them anywhere in your house, or you're bound to misplace them. Create your own key older using a piece of pallet wood or an old picture frame. Add hooks to either of these and hang it on your wall right next to the door.

Give Your Key Ring A Lanyard

Use a lanyard or a large key-chain to help you find your keys easier. If all you have are a few keys on a key ring, it may be easier to lose your keys. Something a little more noticeable may kelp you keep track of your keys this way.

Separate Your Keys

Have your work keys separate from your home and personal car keys, this way you aren't losing all of your keys if you misplace your key ring. Add something different to each key set to differentiate them.

Make Copies Of Your Keys

At some point in time, you may be locked out of your house or even your car. Make sure you have copies of your keys made to be kept in a safe place in the event this happens to you. If you're far away from home and not able to get to your spare set, you should call a locksmith for help getting into your vehicle, so you aren't left stranded. If you're locked out of your home, use a secret place only your family knows about to house your spare house key. You can also entrust a neighbor with your spare key. If none of these are an option, or you're left out in the cold with no way inside, again, call a locksmith for help.

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