3 Ways To Create An Indoor Play Space Without Damaging Your Apartment

12 December 2015
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If you live in an apartment with children, they might get bored during the long winter months. While sending them outside to play or to a local children's center may be possible sometimes, there will also be times when the weather is too bad or you cannot take your children somewhere else and they are stuck at home. To make these days more fun for your children and less difficult for you, you should consider building an indoor play space for your children. 

Unfortunately, many indoor play spaces either take up a lot of room that you may not have in your apartment or they require permanent changes to the walls, which your landlord may not agree to. Check out these three ways to create a fun play space for your children without any major renovations. 

Chalkboard or Dry-erase Wall Decals 

There are many options for vinyl wall graphics available, and some options that can keep your children entertained are chalkboard and dry-erase wall decals. These decals simply press into place on your wall. Your children can write or color on them like a normal chalkboard or dry erase board and, when you leave, you can simply peel the decal away from the wall. 

These decals tend to work best when they are placed on smooth, non-porous surfaces and away from direct sunlight. They also work better on enamel paint as opposed to latex paint and will have problems sticking to recently painted walls. If your walls are concrete or brick, you may want to place the decal on the back of a door or on a cupboard as opposed to the wall. 

Add a Loft Bed 

Lofted beds are a great way to get more space for toys and games. There are many commercial children's loft beds that are only a few feet off of the ground but create ample storage space or a fun play space for toddlers and small children.

Older children may need a higher loft bed to play comfortably beneath the bed, and unfortunately many of these beds need to be anchored to the wall. You can shop for a model that does not require a wall anchor or you can build your own platform that fits snugly between your child's walls to add stability to the unit. If you divide your child's bedroom vertically, you can almost double their usable floor space. 

You can also turn your child's loft into an indoor playground by adding a slide, monkey bars, a climbing rope or a climbing wall. If you are unable to make these yourself, there are commercial options available or you may want to hire a carpenter for a custom creation. 

Creatively Display Artwork 

If your child spends time completing artwork, you will likely want to put it on display. This creates a playful atmosphere for them and also shows them that you are proud of their work. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to display artwork in an apartment without damaging the walls. 

You may want to hang a cork board or similar pin-board, which will only require one or two holes in your wall that you can easily fix when you move out. If this is too much, you can try other options such as decorative tape, adhesive hooks, or picture-rail hooks. Keep in mind that you can also display art by pinning it to any furniture that you own, if you do not mind the holes. 

While going outside to play is important for children, it is also important that they have a safe, interesting place where they can amuse themselves inside during the winter. If you are renting an apartment through a place like Wynn Residential Apartments in Toronto, you still have many options for creating the perfect indoor play space for your children.