Upgrade For Comfort And Enjoy A Transformed Kitchen And Bathroom

26 May 2015
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Your home should be the place where you feel most at ease, so it makes sense to invest in upgrades that will increase home's comfort and livability in addition to style. Here are some kitchen and bathroom upgrade ideas to make you and your family happier in your home. 

The Kitchen

Kitchens often serve as a gathering place where a family spends time together cooking, eating and sharing conversation. Draw your family into your kitchen space, and make kitchen tasks less work with these clever upgrade ideas. 

Electrify Your Island

Install outlets in your kitchen island. A kitchen island is great for extra counter space, but outlets allow you to plug in your appliances and do even more. 

Wash Twice the Dishes

Treat yourself to double dishwashers. Two dishwashers is a practical luxury that almost any family can use. It allows you to clean up quickly after entertaining a crowd and to avoid stacking dishes in the sink because you can keep clean dishes in one and dirty dishes in the other. When the dirty dishwasher is full, simply turn it on. 

Slide Out More Space

Get more counter space without taking up floor space by installing counter tops that slide out from existing counters. This gives you more room to work, and you can simply slide the counter tops back out of sight when you are finished. 

Hide Your Ventilation

Fans are very useful when you are cooking on the stove top, but those that hang from above are ugly and get dirty easily. Consider a kitchen fan that is mounted behind your oven. When you want to use it, you simply press a button and it pops up. Push it back in when you are finished cooking. 

Take Out the Trash

Instead of clunky containers for trash and recycling, build trash chutes right into the walls of your kitchen. Send your trash and recycling flying into a container outside, in your basement or even hidden under your sink or in a cabinet. 

Refrigerate a Drawer

Cutting up veggies and prepping for meals is easy when you have a refrigerated cabinet drawer at your disposal. Simply stick whatever you need in the drawer, and it will be ready when you are. 

The Bathroom

Divide Bathrooms to Multiply Use

Put some walls up in your bathroom to create a more useful space. Separate the sink from the shower and toilet so one person can be brushing teeth while another is bathing. You can even connect bedrooms this way, so that each room has private access to the bathroom. Each bedroom can have its own sink while sharing a toilet and shower. 

Automate the Fixtures

Automatic toilets and sinks have brought public restrooms a long way, and they can transform your private bathroom as well. Make bathrooms cleaner and healthier by installing toilets that flush themselves and sinks that turn off and on without you having to touch them. 

WebMD lists the places in your home where you will find the most bacteria. It's no surprise that bathroom faucets and toilet flushing handles make the list. 

As long as you are upgrading, consider a toilet with a heated seat, automatic air freshener release or built in bidet. 

Raise Up Your Washer and Dryer

It's time for your washer and dryer to come up out of the basement and take its place in your living space. The bathroom is a great place to put these appliances. 

When you create a space for your front loading washer and dryer, consider a platform that raises them up off the ground to a more convenient height. Use the space underneath as storage, and stop breaking your back each time you do the laundry. 

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and bathrooms, so why not fill these rooms with tools that make life easier? Add these upgrades to make your kitchen and bathroom experiences more comfortable. For more ideas, check out companies like Renovations Of Excellence Renovations.